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Don’t know where to hold your YST tokens or what to do with them? Y-wallet can help you out with that. YOOSourcing recently launched a blockchain-based digital token wallet, called the Y-wallet, for users to earn interests with YST on their account. Here’s a short walkthrough to help you know how to setup and use the features of Y-Wallet.

Website Portal

– Click on “Language” for English, Chinese, or Japanese version of the login page.

– https://t.yst.global/mobile/en/login.html


– Click on “Register” to create a new account. If you already have an account, enter the email address you registered with and password in the corresponding boxes.

– When you are at the registration page, enter an email address and a password and then click on “Send Email”. You will get a verification code via an email.

– (Optional) If a friend referred you to YST, enter the referral code so that your friend can receive tokens for letting you know about the wallet.

– Once you fill out your email address, a password, and verify your account with the code, click on “Sign Up” and you are set for registering your new Y-Wallet.

Refer to a Friend

– Go to “My Profile” and click on “Refer to a Friend”. You will get a 4 character referral code for your friends to enter when they sign up for Y-Wallet.

– The more friends you refer, the more YST tokens you will get! You can only get tokens for ten friends that you refer.

Forgot Password

– If you forget your login password, click on “Forgot Password” button displayed on the login page and you will see the following page:

– Enter the email address you registered with and a new password and then click on “Send Email”. You will get a verification code via an email.

– Once you fill out your email address, a new password, and a correct verification code, click on “Submit” and to change your password.

Identity Verification

– When you log in for the first time, it is highly recommended you complete the identity verification process so that you are able to process transactions, which includes receiving airdrops. Or the following notification will pop up when you attempt to process a transaction.

– Go to “My Profile” and then “Identity Verification”.

– You need to enter your full legal name, a government-issued ID number, a photo of your ID, and a photo of yourself. Remember your name, ID number, and the photo of you must match the information and photo on your ID to complete the identification process. Note: only valid, non-expired government ID are accepted.

– You cannot transfer or sell tokens from your Y-Wallet until you have validated your identity.

– Once you have completed the identity verification process, we will review it manually in the following few days, and then your account is fully operational. But while we are reviewing it, you can still proceed to create a wallet to be able to receive tokens.

Create a New Wallet

– To process transactions, you need to have a wallet. Click on “Create a New Wallet”.

– To ensure your financial security, our system requires a payment password (which is different from your login password) to approve any transaction. Unlike login password, payment password cannot be retrieved by email verification. The only way to retrieve your payment password is through recovery passphrases.

– Note: Our system does not store any payment password for the sake of your financial security, so please copy down your recovery passphrase and store it somewhere safe. It is as important as your payment password since people can change it with this.

– To set your recovery passphrases, copy down words in the box on a piece of paper in the exact order displayed. To generate a different set of recovery passphrases, click on the circle icon on the upper right corner of the box.

– The system will ask you to confirm your recovery passphrase right after, click on the words displayed in the exact order you were shown when you created it.

– Then you will be taken to a page to set up your payment password. Again, our systemdoes not store any payment passwords, so the only way for you to retrieve it is through your recovery passphrases.

– Once you set up your payment password, your wallet is created. If you have completed the identity verification process, you can now transfer YST tokens!

Transfer YST to Y-wallet from an Ethereum wallet

– You can transfer YST to our Y-wallet from any Ethereum wallet to earn interest through variety of options.


– To do so, go to “My Profile” and then “Deposit YST”. There will be a QR code for you to scan from any Ethereum wallet and to transfer YST to our Y-wallet.

– Note: Y-wallet can only hold YST. Please do not attempt to transfer any other type of cryptocurrencies, or you will not be able to retrieve them.

Transfer YST to an Ethereum wallet from Y-wallet

– Y-wallet also supports transferring YST to any Ethereum wallet from Y-wallet.

– To do so, go to “Wallet” and then “Withdraw”. There will be a form of accounting information to fill out to complete the transaction.


Holding Account and Locked Wallet

– Y-wallet allows you to earn interests with your YST on account.

– Go to “Tokens” and you have two options – holding account and locked wallet.

– When you transfer YST into the holding account, you can move them freely and earn an annual interest rate of 6%.

– When you transfer YST into the locked wallet, your YST will be locked and cannot bemoved for a period of time of your choice (30, 60, or 120 days). However, you will earn a higher interest rate and the more YST you choose to lock in, the higher the interest rate would be.

Unlike traditional digital token wallets, Y-Wallet allows you to transfer funds freely across Ethereum wallets and to earn interests when you hold YST in your Y-Wallet. Just go to our website at:


Start using it today! If you are interested in more about what we do. Check out our other social media accounts and drop us a comment there.

Telegram: t.me/YOOSourcing
Twitter: @YOOSourcing
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yoosourcing