YOOSourcing’s Biggest YST Airdrop Yet!

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We are launching the largest Airdrop of YST EVER. We will be giving away 500,000 YST. The airdrop is open to anyone to join and there is a possible 50 YST tokens per person that can be claimed through this drop. Here are the basic details of the contest.

Contest Details-

Starts: June 29th, 2019

Ends: July 31st, 2019

Amount of YST in Airdrop: 500,000 YST (about 1 USD per YST, Coinbit Listing Price on June 22nd)

Max Amount per Entrant: 50 YST


  1. Following our Telegram Channel (+1 YST)
  2. Joining one of our Telegram Group Chats (+1 YST)
  3. Following our Twitter account and retweeting the Airdrop post (+1 YST)
  4. Following our Facebook Page and sharing the Airdrop post (+1 YST)
  5. Subscribing to our Email Newsletter (+1 YST)
  6. Refer a friend to the telegram bot (+1 YST per referral – Max 10)
  7. Create a Y-Wallet Account (+20 YST, and 2x YST multiplier for all other airdrop tasks)

Requirements to Enter:
– Telegram Account (Follow our Telegram Channel and join one of our Telegram Chat Groups until at least the end of the Airdrop)

– Twitter Account (Follow us until at least the end of the Airdrop, and retweet the post about the airdrop)

– Email Address (for verification purposes)

– An existing ERC20 wallet address Or Create a Y-Wallet and provide a photo of your Government Issued ID (as KYC).

– If we discover you have tried in any way to create duplicate entries, or have tried to manipulate our system in any way we will black list you from this and future YST Airdrops.

JOIN THE AIRDROP: <Telegram Bot Link – http://t.me/YST_Airdrop_Bot >

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Admins in one of the Telegram Chat groups in your language:

English: http://t.me/YST_Official_En

You can also check the full form rules (in English only) at this link: https://www.yst.global/airdroprules.html

For more details about our project, please check out our webpage: https://yst.global

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