YOOSourcing is Making News

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We were really honored when two of the largest financial news media outlets in Korea reached out to us to have an interview. Milad Nouri, our CEO here at YOOSourcing, will be traveling to Korea next week for two filmed interviews that will appear on Korean Television in early September.

Both of the channels that we will meet are incredibly well established in Korea. PaxTV < http://www.paxetv.com/ > is a national financial broadcast station that has blockchain news updates and stories every 15 minutes and is one of the main places Koreans get breaking news about the tech industry, and has roughly hundreds of thousands of regular viewers. The other channel, Money Today Network < http://www.mtn.co.kr/ >, is the most watched financial news network in all of Korea. They normally cover traditional stock market, trade, and general financial news, but they have recently been dedicating more and more attention to new hot blockchain technologies and companies, and report on blockchain news for an hour twice a week. Being beamed into 15 million households makes the coverage we will get from this interview the single largest instance of media exposure YOOSourcing has gained since the company open.

Both companies have expressed an interest in discussing how our solution will add value to the massive global procurement industry. They plan to discuss with Milad exactly how we plan to use our smart contract system and the data we collect from them to build the most objective and reliable trust index for ranking suppliers and deciding to engage these suppliers in fulfilling massive sourcing orders. One of the things that drew them to reach out to us and request an interview was the fact that our platform solution is one of the rare cases where we have an extensive real world application of the technology we are developing. Rather that remaining isolated in the back of the tech department of our company, the real force of the YOOSourcing Blockchain system will exist and be leveraged by a wide number of people who have no real concept of how blockchain works or how we aggregate our data. Once the rating system holds up and the orders are completed more effectively and quickly, our target user base will be naturally drawn to it through the reliability information it will supply.

Stay tuned into our blog in September to see the whole final TV interviews when they are released.