The Videos of YOOSourcing on Korean TV

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It was amazing to be featured by two of the most established Financial TV News Networks in Korea, and now we have the videos from it. We were on TV for an hour in total talking with news anchors about how our blockchain solution can really shake up the way people handle international trade and procurement, which is one of the largest industries on the planet now. YOOSourcing CEO, Milad Nouri, was interviewed by these two Korean News Channels and discussed exactly how we plan to use our smart contract system and the data we collect from them to build the most objective and reliable trust index for ranking suppliers and deciding to engage these suppliers in fulfilling massive sourcing orders.

Here are the videos that reached millions of people.

Money Today Network – MTN

Key Quotes from the Interview:

“Our aim is to bring more trust and transparency into international trade.”

“Current platforms make money off of subscribers paying for advertisements. The problem is the more money they spend on advertisements the higher they are ranked in searches. This means smaller manufacturers have very little chance to get new clients. So we wanted to create a platform that is fair.”


Key Quotes from the Interview:

“By definition blockchain is a protocol of trust.”

 “When I wanted to find a new supplier it was very difficult. Websites had thousands and thousands of manufacturers and it was very difficult to filter them and to know who was a good supplier. This is a big reason why I wanted to create a solution that would take away all the centralized aspects of this business and make it more collaborative.”

 “Companies can even reduce their sourcing cost by 50% by targeting and reducing the cost of networking and verification. By using our trust Yndex then people can make better decisions and save a lot of time and cost in the process.”

Both of the channels that we were featured on are incredibly well established in Korea. PaxTV is a national financial broadcast station that provides blockchain news updates and stories every 15 minutes and is one of the main places Koreans get breaking news about the tech industry, and has roughly hundreds of thousands of regular viewers.

The other channel, Money Today Network < >, is the most watch financial news network in all of Korea. They normally cover traditional stock market, trade and general financial news, but they have recently been dedicating more and more attention to new hot blockchain technologies and companies, and report on blockchain news for an hour twice a week. This channel and the news they cover reaches over 15 million homes and is the biggest instant of PR that we have ever had.

One of the things that caught the interest of these major news outlets was the fact that our platform solution is one of the rare cases where we have an extensive real-world application of the technology we are developing. As Milad says in one of the interviews, “we wanted to have a solution first that people actually used, then bring blockchain into it to further it.” He also highlighted the huge amount of help that both Emurgo and Cardano have provided us.